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My name is Dirk HUYGHE from GENT – BELGIUM (EUROPE)
I am “retired” …   but NOT “expired” !

Since a long time I am fond of trekking, especially by bike.
With this webside I want to share my passion for this kind of travel.


I was lucky to make some (walking) trekkings in the Himalaya (see one of them on “Nanda Devi” ) and I have good experience with cycle trekking.  I made a lot of trips in the most European countries but also trough the Himalaya’s in Tibet and Nepal (see “Tibet-Nepal”), Tadjikistan + Kirgizië (see “Tadjikistan-Kirgizië” ), and during the Sun Trip, all the countries on the way to Kazachstan  (see “Suntrip 2013″) and much more … (see “Suntrip 2015″)

As I am concerned, trekking by bike is the best way to see a part of our beautiful world.
I prefer riding as much as possible in a natural area and to camping wild.

Photography is also one of my interests 
You can find photos from some trips / subjects, via the submenus in the menu “Foto-Reisreportages”

fort a short impression : see the very small videofilm of only 2 minutes …
(3th place of the SHORT MOVIE FESTIVAL  – Amsterdam 2013)
an impression of cycling the Pamir mountains in Tadjikistan
see  http://vimeo.com/57808796 

prt-scr videofilm tadj

other photo’s who got a price on photo contests :






The last two big projects :  The SUN TRIP …

In June 2013 I participated to the SUN TRIP, a big eco-adventure …

A race as “Paris – Dakar”, but cleaner … and with the help of the sun …

The official start in 2013 was in the Savoie in France and the arrival was Astana, the capital of Kazachstan …
All the international participants have to build their own electric bikes / trikes supported by solar panels …
Each competitor is empowered to choose his own route (itinerary) according to his desires, goals, physical (and linguistic) abilities.
I already started from my home in Belgium … more than 9.000 km …
about 3 months on the way  …

I also participated with my friend Jan Goedertier
to the second edition of the Sun Trip in 2015















see more on   http://thesuntrip.com/dirk-jan-st2015/



a small trailer of the first Suntrip 2013 you can see on http://vimeo.com/81092973

prt-scr videofilm suntrip

there is also a short trailer of “our” Sun Trip edition 2015 on VIMEO  !

see :  https://vimeo.com/144550022

! best look in HD (button down on the right)


you can see the whole photo-reportage of the editon 2013  on “Sun Trip 2013″

you can seen the whole photo-reportage of the editon 2015 on “Sun Trip 2015″

and of course also the site of the organisation :  http://thesuntrip.com

groepsfoto suntrip

 44 participants and 14 different countries


the route I did in 2013 :

suntrip kaart 1 volledeg mt 9800xxxxxjpg



Jan and I  are riding  a classic trekkingbikes (brand SANTOS Travelmaster 26 inch) and pulling a one wheel trailer on which two solar panels (140Watt peak each) are mounted up.
While biking, only the top panel is exposed to the sun and during a stop, the solar panel mounted under the panel on top can be folded out and brings us to a capacity of 280 Watt peak (theoretically) of course, depending of the sun.

Total weight (bike – solartrailer – luggage) :  about 75 – 80 kg

Due to this rather small solar energy capacity, we will take rather small profit (about 30% help of the motor support and about 70 % power provided by our own muscles)

During the Sun Trip of 2015 Jan and I cycled from Gent to the official start at the Expo Milan (start on the 14th may 2015 and came back after 3 months)
We did 9.150 km

the “Belgium Solar Biking Team” on Facebook

The track of the Suntrip 2015 :










In some months we will participate to the 3th Sun Trip to China …
start in June 2018

see more on the page Sun Trip

But there is also something else …


Jan and I decided to link our participation to the SunTrip 2015
to a charity project in the Indian Himalayas …

“Children of the Himalaya”

P1230985 copy mt WITTE tekst


Recently we published a quality birthday calendar (42 cm x 30 cm format) with photo’s taken by Dirk.
In the meantime the benefits are spend to solar panels for boarding schools and villages in the Indian Himalayas where there is little or no electricity available.
So the children have the opportunity  to study even in the evening!

more info on “Project” 


flyer jan-dirk okt 2014 in JPG


You can leave a  REPLY on each page

or send a mail to dirkonwheels[at]telenet.be  


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